History of the City of Washington Terrace

The City of Washington Terrace

The City of Washington Terrace is located in Weber County, Utah, 30 miles north of Salt Lake City and 40 minutes by freeway from the Salt Lake International Airport. Washington Terrace is a community with a rich history dating back to the World War II era. With an area of approximately 1.91 square miles and a population of roughly 9,300, with convenient access to Ogden via Washington Boulevard, Riverdale Road, and Highway 89 in both Weber and Davis Counties, Washington Terrace is a great place to live!


Home to Ogden Regional Medical Center, the Weber County School District, Washington Terrace Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, T.H.Bell Jr. High School and Bonneville High School, the City of Washington Terrace is a proud residential community focusing on family values.


 Washington Terrace is an outgrowth of a World War II temporary military housing project. The Terrace Housing Project, consisting of 1396 two-bedroom homes as part of a military housing project, helped Washington Terrace to be created in 1942-43. The project was necessary to ensure housing for the many people who came to the area to work at government installations. At the time, there was no thought of this place becoming a permanent community and continuing beyond the war. The housing project was slated to be torn down, but a farsighted citizenry and community leaders had willed otherwise. After World War II, residents began efforts to convert the surplus temporary housing project into a permanent community. Through federal funds and private investments, the housing project was converted into single-family dwellings and began to expand. Washington Terrace City was incorporated on December 12, 1958.


Inspired by the founding residents, this community has always had great examples of vision and leadership.


The City provides many municipal services, including: parks, recreation, water, sewer, garbage services, public improvements, streets, planning, zoning, and administrative services.