Recommended Methods for Storm Water Protection

Storm Water Pollution Prevention

In Washington Terrace City, storm water flows through storm drains directly to creeks and rivers with NO TREATMENT. Water quality can be affected by a number of natural elements as well as chemical elements introduced by humans. 

What kind of contaminants might reach our rivers and streams?

Contaminants resulting from unwise landscaping practices such as over applying or over watering might include: dirt, leaves, grass clippings, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Chemicals from household products from washing your car, painting, or household cleaners.

Toxins such as oil or antifreeze that may leak from your car

Local recreation areas are affected by storm water contamination and can result in harmful situations for humans and wildlife.
These areas include the Weber River, Ogden River (including North, Middle & South Fork), and Pineview Reservoir, among others.

What Can You Do?

General Practices:

  • Never use the gutter or storm drain system for
    disposal of household hazardous waste. If
    you wouldn’t drink it, don’t dump it.
  • Store toxic products and chemicals indoors or in a shed or storage cabinet.
  • Take unwanted hazardous materials and containers to the household hazardous waste disposal facility.

There is a Household Hazardous Waste Facility located at the Weber County Transfer Station, 867 West Wilson Lane Ogden, Utah 84401. Weber County homeowners can bring their household hazardous waste to the facility and it will be taken off their hands for FREE. For more information, call (801) 399-8803 or visit their website.


Do not wash tool and equipment in driveways, gutters or drainage ways. Wash over grassed or soil areas where wash water won't reach the street.


  • Take used motor oil and antifreeze to a recycling center or household hazardous waste facility.
  • Inspect and maintain vehicles to reduce leakage of fluids.
  • Reduce automotive emissions through regular maintenance and by limiting vehicle usage.
  • Clean up spills with kitty litter or absorbent material and let dry. Dispose of cleanup as solid waste.
  • Vehicles should be washed at a commercial car wash. Vehicles can be washed on the lawn with biodegradable soap to reduce wash water flows to the storm drain system.

Recycling Oil

  • Pour waste oil into an unbreakable container (plastic milk jug), seal and label. Call 1-800-458-0145 or visit the Utah DEQ Website to find facilities that accept used oil.
  • Do not mix other materials with used oil.

Recycling used oil could reduce national petroleum imports by 25.5 million barrels per year!

Spill Response

Dial 911


Washington Terrace Public Works Department
(801) 395-8289


Weber-Morgan Health Department
Daytime: (801) 399-7160
24-Hour: (801-399-7169)


Find Used Oil Recyclers Near You

Call 1-800-458-0145
Visit Utah DEQ Website