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What’s Happening in Washington Terrace City? Fiber installation is happening…any questions?

As a result of the construction going on in front yards and back yard poles, there have been a few questions regarding the installation of the fiber throughout the City, so let’s take a few minutes to address some of the questions we have received.


Question: Who are these people digging up my front yard and working in my mow strip?

Answer: These are contractors hired to install the fiber conduit for Connext and All West. The contractors are working in the public right-of-way.


Question: How are the contractors letting people know they are coming to my property?

Answer: The public relations team from Connext and All West are knocking on doors, placing door hangers, and making every effort to contact residents about the installation before construction begins.


Question: Who is responsible for repairing damage to my property?

Answer: Connext and All West will make any repairs needed to restore the property to its pre-construction condition. They take pictures before construction to make sure they get it right.


Question: How much did the City have to pay to provide fiber infrastructure in the City?

Answer: No cost to the City. The Mayor and Council are committed to bringing fiber infrastructure to the City at no cost or obligation to the tax payors.


Question: Do I have to sign up for fiber when it is installed past my house?

Answer: No, the fiber is there if you want it, but you have no obligation to connect.


Question: Why are there so many paint marks on my property?

Answer: Blue Stakes is required to mark all underground utilities before any excavation in the construction area.


Question: Where are the public easements on my property and can the fiber company install the line without permission?

Answer: The contractor will make every reasonable effort to contact residents to let them know that work will begin. The location of public easements on your property is tied to the deed and is recorded on the plat documentation. The size and location of these easements varies across Washington Terrace. This information is publicly available and can be found on the following Weber County Websites:

Weber County Geo-Gizmo Parcel Map

Weber County Parcel Search


Question: How can I contact the contractor if I have a question regarding the installation and the potential for service?

Answer: You can contact All West and Connext through their web page, phone, or email.