300 West Road Reconstruction


The 300 West roadway from 5000 South to the Riverdale border. (approx. 4300 South) is scheduled to be replaced starting June 1st, 2024 and is anticipated to be completed by October 1st, 2024.

300 West is a main corridor through Washington Terrace. It is highly traveled and requires a high level of maintenance. Reconstructing 300 West will ensure longevity, safety, and reduce future repair costs.

The scope of the project will include:

  • Removing and replacing the asphalt road section. This will require excavating out approximately 14” of the road and replacing it with structural file and new asphalt.
  • Replacing various sections of curb and gutter to improve surface drainage.
  • Replacing various sections of sidewalk and eliminating trip hazards.
  • Replacing ADA approaches to meet the ADA standards.
  • Replacing the current 6” culinary water main with a 10” water main from 5000 South to 4800 South. Increasing the pipe size will meet the required fire flow demand and provide better, high-level service.
  • Upgrading the storm drain piping between 5000 South and 4800 South to provide better storm water drainage in the area.

Reconstructing 300 West is going to be a major project that will require several road closures and detours throughout the project. Resident and emergency vehicle access will be maintained during construction. Residents will be notified by door hanger of any water interruptions and/or construction that may deny access to your residence.

Project Funding

The estimated cost to complete this project is $3.7 million dollars. The City has received a federal grant to support much of the overall project cost, meaning that the City will be responsible for only 7.25% of the estimated cost. These funds will come from utility fees and other general funds.


Q.     When is construction scheduled to start?

A. Construction is scheduled to start April 1st (weather permitting).


Q.      When is the project scheduled to be completed?

A. The project is scheduled to be completed by October 1st, 2024.


Q. Will I be able to access my driveway during construction.

A. Yes, although sections of the road will be closed to thru traffic, local resident and emergency vehicle access will remain during construction. If construction denies access to your driveway, you will be notified by a city representative and/or an information door hanger.


Q.     Can I park on the street during construction?

A. For the safety of your vehicle and the construction crew on the street parking will be restricted during construction.


Q. Will I receive my mail and deliveries during construction?

A. Yes, the post office will be able to deliver your mail and packages. If your mailbox is not accessible an attempt will be made the next day.


Q. Will I have garbage service during construction?

A. Yes, your cooperation will be needed to maintain garbage service by putting your container out the morning of and removing your container as soon as possible after it is dumped. There may be times your container will have to be placed on the opposite side of the road. You will be notified by door hanger if you are affected.


Q. Will the UTA run on 300 W. during construction?

A. The UTA bus route will follow the traffic detour route.


Q. Will my water be interrupted during construction?

A. The water main between 5000 S. to 4800 S. will be replaced prior to the road reconstruction. It will be necessary to shut the water main off to make the proper connections. Residents will be notified by a door hanger 24 hours prior to the shut off. The shut offs will be during the daytime hours. Typically from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm