No Wipes Down the Pipes


Out of site out of mind….is that what really happens? Not exactly, especially when you flush your toilet. Unfortunately someone has to maintain the sewer system. Every time you flush the toilet, drain the tub or run water down a drain, that waste water is conveyed through a pipe system over 10 miles long. Which runs from Washington Terrace to the Central Weber Treatment Plant.

The pipe system has multiple bends that also changes directions that can make it very difficult for certain objects or products to make it through the system. Hand wipes, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, flushable wipes and feminine products are the #1 cause of sewer lateral and sewer main backups. Although “Flushable wipes” maybe able to be flushed, they still cause serious problems to the sewer system. DO NOT flush “FLUSHABLE WIPES”. Backups to your sewer system or your sewer lateral could cause flooding to your home and expensive repairs. These type of products also increase routine maintenance practices and financial cost to your city and to the treatment plant. The sewer system is designed and sized to convey waste water and waste water only. This does not include ground water or storm water. Connecting a sump pump, rain gutters, outdoor drains or any plumbing that is not related to house hold waste water can over load the capacity of the system and cause backups and more water that has to treated at the treatment plant. Not to mention it’s illegal.

Remember the next time you run water down the drain or flush the toilet it’s not exactly out of site out of mind. Be aware of what goes down the drain. Help protect yourself and your city’s infrastructure by only flushing appropriate products.