Temporary Disconnect

Temporary Disconnect Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can request temporary disconnect services:
   A: The legal property owner of service property.

Q: How do I apply to have my culinary water service temporarily disconnect? 

   A: Complete the Temporary Disconnect Application and pay the disconnect fee. Customer account must be current at the time of request.

Q: How long can I request my culinary water services to be temporarily disconnected?
   A: A minimum of 3 months, maximum of 12 months.

Q: Will my water be turned off during temporary disconnect period?
   A: Yes. Your water will be turned off at the meter during disconnect period.

Q: Can I apply for temporary disconnect for sanitary sewer services? 
   A: Your sewer fee is charged based on your culinary water usage. If you have no culinary water usage during temporary disconnect, you will not be charged a sewer fee.

Q: Can I apply for temporary disconnect for garbage/recycling services?
   A: Yes. You can request to have your garbage/recycling services discontinued during temporary disconnect (subject to can pickup and delivery fee). 

Q: Can I apply for temporary disconnect for storm water services?
   A: No. Storm water services cannot be disconnected and subject to the flat monthly fee.

Q: How do I have my culinary water turned back on after temporary disconnect period?
   A: The owner must notify the Utility Billing Office within 2 business days prior to requested turn on date. It is unlawful for any person for any reason, other than authorized City personnel, to restore utility services after services have been disconnected.


Source: Washington Terrace City Municipal Code 13.04.022