Recommended Methods for Storm Water Protection

Utah is a beautiful state with unique and valuable wilderness lands, but the lands are arid and the precious water that supports life is in more demand everyday as a result of our State's growth.

Some Utah Facts

  • Utah has one of the highest natural growth rates in the nation and yet only receives 13 inches of precipitation per year.
  • The state of Utah is encouraging its districts to set a goal of decreasing per capita water use up to 25%.
  • About 67% of Utahns’ household water is spent on lawns and gardens.
  • The Division of Water Resources has determined that Utah's per capita water use is approximately 321 gallons per day, while the average water use for the Rocky Mountain States is 245.

Some Other Things to Think About

  • About 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, but less than 1% is available as fresh water for human use.
  • About half of the water use for single family homes in Utah is used for lawns and gardens.
  • Water cannot be created it can only change form and location.
  • A 10 minute shower can use 55 gallons of water
  • The average dishwasher uses 12 to 20 gallons per use.
  • Traditional clothes washers use up to 41 gallons per load.

Water Conservation is Not Difficult!

Conserving water does not mean your lifestyle has to be changed. Simply changing landscape watering methods and installing more efficient appliances can conserve per capita water use by 25%.

What Can You Do?

Fix Those Leaks

  • Fix leaking appliances and faucets.
  • Repair leaks in your irrigation system.

Replace Your Old Toilet

  • If your toilet was installed before 1992 it is most likely not a water efficient toilet.
  • Place a plastic bottle filled with water or sand in your toilet tank to reduce the amount used in each flush.

Replace Your Clothes Washer

  • The Consortium for Energy Efficiency keeps a list of water efficient clothes washer models or, check with your local appliance store.

Use Water Considerate Landscaping Methods

  • Select plants that are appropriate for the local climate.
  • Consider Xeriscaping all or part of your landscape.
  • Experiment and adjust water amounts according to plant and soil type.
  • Make sure your irrigation controller has a rain shut off device.
  • Water only at night, and avoid watering during high winds.
  • Avoid watering sidewalk and patios.









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